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Triskaidekaphobia, it is called, the fear of number 13 (from the Greek: “tris” = 3; “kai” = and; “deka” = 10; and “phobos” = fear). And paraskevidekatriaphobia (from the Greek, “paraskevi” = Friday) or friggatriskaidekaphobia (from “Frigg” = the Norse goddess after whom we get “Friday” in English).

Irrational? Maybe. But the British Medical Journal once concluded in “Is Friday the 13th Bad For Your Health?” that:

Friday 13th is unlucky for…   Read more →


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Apparently National Teddy Bear was on September 9.

So the popular custom Teddy Bear outlet, Build-A-Bear Workshop, commissioned a survey by a third party, Atomik Research Group. 2,004 adults were queried. And 40% of them confessed to having their favorite stuffed animal by them as they go to bed.

Four in ten Americans.

And many of those furry buddies leftovers from their childhood days. More than half acknowledged possession of a keepsake stuffed animal for more than 20 years.…   Read more →


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Last week some Bostonians made an interesting find: Paul Revere’s outhouse. That revered gentleman (1734–1818), I’m sure you knew, was one of the patriots of the American revolution and famous for his late night ride in April 1775 to warn the colonial forces that the British were coming.

Listen, my children, and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,
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The recent natural disasters brought out a lot of generosity in ordinary folks. A human chain that saved an older gentleman. The “Cajun Navy” of Louisiana denizens who drove hours from Baton Rouge, boats and all, to rescue those in distress. Lincoln, Nebraska, that sent 80 of its finest (from police and fire departments) to Texas to be there even before the storm hit. “Mattress Mack” (Jim McIngvale) of Gallery Furniture that opened his store to house refugees.…   Read more →

“Is it Bad to Be Single?”

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My fellow preaching prof, fellow Evangelical Homiletics Society member, and good friend Dr. Hershael York, of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Lexington, Kentucky, has this to say about the question posed in the title of this post …

The young lions do lack and suffer hunger;
But they who seek the LORD shall not be in want of any good thing.
Psalm 34:10

God bless the singles!


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Well, everybody deceives. Students taking an exam: a few years ago, about half those in a government class at Harvard were charged with cheating, and about seventy expelled. Runners in a race, breaking rules to enter into the 2015 Boston marathon. Having an affair: the hacking of the website of Ashley Madison revealed 37 million users subscribing to the “Life is short. Have an affair” mantra. Software piracy costs $63 billion each year. Nearly 75% of employees have…   Read more →

Pragmatics and Preaching—A Dialogue

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Pragmatics and Preaching—A Dialogue

Please consider this an invitation to peruse and respond to:

1) Article by Abraham Kuruvilla, “‘What is the Author Doing with What He is Saying?’ Pragmatics and Preaching—An Appeal!” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 60 (2017): 557–80;

2) Response to my article by Buist Fanning, Senior Professor Emeritus of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary; and

3) Rejoinder to Buist Fanning’s response by me (Abe Kuruvilla).

Article, response,…   Read more →

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