Preaching @ Northwest Bible Church

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Preaching @ Northwest Bible Church

Quick note …

I am preaching at Northwest Bible Church, here in Dallas, on July 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30 (9:00 am and 10:35 am).

Doing the five women in Mark who come into contact with Jesus, all exemplars of discipleship.

I am looking forward to this series!

[For other speaking events, see here.]


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They say all things can be cured by time. (Of course, “they” also say there is no God!)

At least writers of songs, poems, and novelists do—well, at least they debate whether time truly heals everything.

It seems that, at least as far as the so-called “broken heart syndrome” is concerned, that ain’t true: time doesn’t.

So saith researchers led by Dana Dawson of the University of Aberdeen (ye olde …   Read more →

Judges is out!

June 19th, 2017| Topic: aBeLOG, Judges | 6

Judges is out!

Folks, my latest commentary is out: Judges: A Theological Commentary for Preachers.

This follows the scheme of my earlier commentaries on Genesis, Mark, and Ephesians, and subscribes to the same hermeneutic that underlies those.

Check out the free chapter download here.


With Abraham Kuruvilla’s sensitive literary and theological reading of Judges … he shows preachers how to relate its message to the world in which we live and the alternative world Christians are called…   Read more →


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A strange entertainment, indeed. “The Cremator” is a bizarre “death simulator” in “Window of the World,” a Chinese amusement park in Shenzen.

You want a chance to experience cremation? Here’s the opportunity for the morbidly curious.

But, no, you won’t be rendered into ashes here.

First you journey through a morgue. Then they settle you into a temporary coffin that is placed on a conveyor belt. This device will carry the en-coffined you through a chamber filled…   Read more →


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In 1934, a college questionnaire completed by the parent of an applicant, Sara Pollard, to Vassar University described his daughter as “a follower than a leader.”

Guess what? Vassar admitted this young lady, explaining that the school “had enough leaders.”

Imagine that! A college accepting a self-confessed “follower.” Were they crazy, or what?

Everyone wants leaders. And everyone wants to be a leader.

Harvard’s goal: “to educate our students to be citizens…   Read more →


June 3rd, 2017| Topic: RaMbLeS | 2


Apparently, until quite recently, the facilities of Beijing’s Temple of Heaven, an imperial complex of religious buildings constructed in the early 1400s, carried toilet paper. Sadly, thieves began ruining things for everyone. The Beijing Evening News showed TP pilferers making off with rolls of the white stuff in backpacks.

Posters and broadcast messages on public announcement systems exhorting visitors to use less paper have been of no avail. TP keeps disappearing!

Finally,…   Read more →


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The Mayo Clinic, based in Rochester, Minnesota, is a well-known non-profit medical practice and research group, employing over four thousand physicians and over fifty thousand allied healthcare personnel. One of the premier institutions in the world of its kind, it attracts many patients who come to Mayo for a second opinion or the confirmation of a diagnosis made elsewhere of a complex condition. Sometimes other doctors send them to Mayo for a consult; at other times,…   Read more →

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