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Short skirts. Blue-green pigtails that go down to her knees. Energy abundant. She is a Japanese popstar sensation who has, in her 10-year career, released more than 100,000 songs in a variety of languages, and opened shows for Lady Gaga. Her Facebook page is followed by close to 2.5 million fans!

But she isn’t real. She is—get this!—virtual! A computer-simulated humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application, she is the product of Crypton Future…   Read more →


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In 1943, at least 10,000 Italian Jews were sent to concentration camps, where most perished.

But some Jews in Rome were saved. By a disease: Il Morbo di K (“Syndrome K”)!

Syndrome K was the brainchild (and concoction) of Dr. Adriano Ossicini, who described it as a deadly, and highly contagiosissima disease that was supposed to be neurological in origin. One would apparently go into convulsions, paralysis, dementia, and ultimately die from asphyxiation. Ossicini,…   Read more →


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Master painter Vincent Willem van Gogh (1853–1890) was prolific, creating about 2,100 artworks in a single decade, including over 800 oil paintings—most of these in the last two years of his life. The man committed suicide at 37, poor and mentally ill.

There is more than paint on his canvases though, or on at least one of them—Olive Orchard, held at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, one of at least eighteen in a series of paintings…   Read more →


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You always suspected it, but now it’s been proven to be true.

In a recent issue of the Journal for Food Research was an article by scientists from Clemson University with the ominous title: “Bacterial Transfer Associated with Blowing Out Candles on a Birthday Cake.”

I suspect your relationship with birthday cakes will now be altered forever.

If you were already paranoid about these things, you were avoiding birthday cakes with candles like the plague. Or maybe you scraped…   Read more →


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Who wouldn’t subscribe to a “stress reduction policy”?

Especially students under the strain of deadlines, quizzes, exams, and so on and so forth? Sounds like a great idea—a “stress reduction policy.”

Well, Dr. Richard Watson, teaching at the University of Georgia, Athens, since 1989, instituted exactly such a policy in his Fall 2017 classes. BTW, Watson is a “Regents Professor” at the university, an honor “bestowed by the Board of Regents on truly distinguished…   Read more →


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An interesting event took place a couple of years ago.

Harvard’s debate team had recently won a national title. The best. The unbeatables. The smartest. The most eloquent. The most persuasive.

Or so one would think.

But months after being unbeatable, they were beaten … by a debate team of prison inmates!

The showdown occurred at the Eastern Correctional Facility in New York, a maximum-security prison!

Prisoners are permitted to take classes taught by faculty from nearby…   Read more →


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He’s 90! My father became a nonagenarian last week, beating the biblical average.

As for the days of our life, they contain seventy years, Or if due to strength, eighty years,
Yet their pride is but labor and sorrow; For soon it is gone and we fly away.
Psalm 90:10


In fact, hardly a day goes by without Dad saying wistfully …

I don’t know why the Lord’s keeping me here and not calling me Home.”

I tell him it so that we, his family, may be prayed for.

…   Read more →

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