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August 24th, 2019| Topic: RaMbLeS | 0


The other day an amazing thing happened to some Canadians.

And if you were one of them, you were blessed. “Them” as in Canadian customers of Chase Bank having either of its two VISA cards.

Their debt was written off!

Yup, earlier this month, Chase announced that it would forgive all outstanding debt for those lucky folks north of the border who owed Chase Bank monies.

Apparently, Chase is winding down the operation of its two VISA cards in that country, and this was part…   Read more →


August 17th, 2019| Topic: RaMbLeS | 0


Apparently, the first cheesecake was created on Samos, a Greek island on the Aegean Sea (another reason to visit the Greek islands). This was in 2000 BC, say archeologists, who suspect this delicious dessert was served during the first ancient Olympic Games in 776 BC. Yup, cheesecakes for energy. I second that!

Aegimius, a revered Greek physician of the 5th century BC, is said to have described the art of making cheesecakes: pound the cheese till it is soft, mix it (in…   Read more →


August 10th, 2019| Topic: RaMbLeS | 2


This may have happened to you, as you looked through the viewfinder of a camera, or a pair of binoculars, or even through your reading glasses: things are OK at the center, but it’s a bit blurry at the edges.

It’s really not the fault of the lensmaker. Blame Greek mathematician Diocles (c. 240 BC–c. 180 BC) who postulated the problem—the spherical nature of lens surfaces and the difference in refraction between centers and edges of said lenses.

In a 1690 book, Treatise…   Read more →


August 3rd, 2019| Topic: RaMbLeS | 0


Daniel Mascarenhas, a cardiologist in Easton, Pennsylvania, had a bright idea.

One of my patients had a pacemaker, and she died. I was a little upset. They put in a pacemaker, two days later she was dead, and they buried her with the pacemaker.”

Of course, being a cardiologist, he is probably used to sick patients, and dying ones. So that wasn’t what upset our good doc. It was what continued to live—that matchbox-sized, 50-gram device in his patient’s chest that…   Read more →


July 27th, 2019| Topic: RaMbLeS | 0


A few months ago, Nimeron Mike applied to be a city police officer in Stebbins, Alaska (pop. 646). He didn’t really expect to get the job.

You see, the guy was a registered sex offender and had served six years behind bars in Alaska jails and prisons. For assault, domestic violence, car theft, drunken driving, and so on and so forth.

Confessed Mike, 43:

My record, I thought I had no chance of being a cop,”

I’d agree and I’m sure you would, too. But he and you and I…   Read more →


July 20th, 2019| Topic: RaMbLeS | 0


Nobel Prize winning poet, Pablo Neruda (1904–1973) wrote:

“Es tan corto el amor,
y tan largo el olvido.”
(“Love is so short,
and forgetfulness is so long.”)

Poema 20

César Hidalgo is a Chilean-born physicist and author, teaching at MIT, the director of the Collective Learning group at MIT Media Lab. He’s also one of premier data miners of the world’s collective history, having helped develop a dataset that ranks historical figures by popularity. The top two?…   Read more →


July 13th, 2019| Topic: RaMbLeS | 0


Allstate Insurance Company does an annual survey of America’s 200 largest cities and the average rating of their drivers from best (#1) to worst (#200).

#200? Baltimore, MD. Eight of the ten bottom-ranked cities are on the East Coast.

Ye olde city of Dallas, TX? #178. Worse than New York, NY, at #107!

But I’m proud to say that four of the top ten cities are in ye olde state of Texas; Brownsville (#1), Laredo (#6), Midland (#7), and McAllen (#9).

So, if you’re planning…   Read more →

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