Welcome to RaMbLeS, a collection of weekly musings on life and Scripture. It all began in 2005 on Google’s blogspot as the aBeLOG (a name now recycled), a semi-autobiographical devotional that attempted to keep well-wishers abreast of my activities as I relocated to Scotland for a few years. Since my return, I’ve continued my RaMbLeS, and here’s its most recent incarnation on Homiletix, as random reflections usually based on current news articles and travel experiences and whatever else takes my fancy!


December 7th, 2019| Topic: RaMbLeS | 0


Josef Levkovich was a teenage slave laborer in the a Nazi concentration camp.

I was working at the Plaszow concentration camp, dismantling the remnants of a Jewish cemetery. The cemetery’s wrought iron fence—all 150 tons—was needed to make weapons for the Nazi slaughter of millions across Europe.”

Josef was high atop the fence, removing some bricks, when Austrian SS chief Amon Goth rode up on his horse.

Up on the fence, my job was to carefully remove each brick, then…   Read more →


November 30th, 2019| Topic: RaMbLeS | 2


What’s it about old guys and football?

There’s forty-something Tom Brady and Adam Vinatieri. And those getting close to the fifth decade of life: Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, and Terrell Suggs. They’re still playing! (Or they were, the last time I watched football which, admittedly, was a while ago.)

But it’s fascinating. In a sport that is extremely physical and fraught with danger even for those with good reflexes, the fact these old geezers (!) are still around…   Read more →


November 23rd, 2019| Topic: RaMbLeS | 0


Earlier this year, a Mumbai businessman, Raphael Samuel, 27, declared that it was wrong to bring children into the world.

Said that worthy:

It wasn’t our decision to be born!”

Well, guess what he did? He sued his parents!

That’s enough to cause major trouble within any family. Samuel, however, confesses, he gets along well with his parents. (BTW, both his parents are lawyers.)

Said mother, Kavita Samuel:

I must admire my son’s temerity to want to take his parents…   Read more →


November 16th, 2019| Topic: RaMbLeS | 0


LetsGetChecked, a company that offers at-home testing for patients, polled 2,000 of their American customers the other day. Apparently 65% of those confessed that they self-diagnosed themselves by Googling their symptoms, before seeking professional help.

And 74% of those who turned to Dr. Google for help were stressed out by what they uncovered in their searches.

But LetsGetChecked also discovered that the answers found by those seeking refuge in the internet for diagnosis…   Read more →


November 9th, 2019| Topic: RaMbLeS | 2


RAND Europe, a not-for-profit research organization, published some interesting findings the other day. By means of literature review and statistical modeling, they concluded:

If every employee walked or jogged for an extra 15 minutes each day, the world could see an economic boost of $100 billion, in close to twenty years.”

We already know that regular physical activity has a host of health benefits: decreased risk for high blood pressure and heart disease; mental health…   Read more →


November 2nd, 2019| Topic: RaMbLeS | 0


From the title of this post, you would suspect it’s all going to be something about dying. You would be right. And so, you might not read the rest of it, say researchers.

Declared researchers, from Bar Ilan University (Israel) and Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (France), in “Prediction-based Neural Mechanisms for Shielding the Self from Existential Threat,” published recently in NeuroImage.

…   Read more →


October 26th, 2019| Topic: RaMbLeS | 0


All kinds of things are automated in society, so why not judges and juries, asked a journalist recently in Raconteur.

Technology doesn’t hold grudges nor does it lack the information to make a decision. It can help dissect the facts in a more efficient, objective and informed fashion, and save time when determining a judgment or even sentence if the judge’s role was to be augmented. In fact, a legal robot could be crammed with a far broader range of facts and figures…   Read more →

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