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Jane Seymour is a British-American actress known especially for her performance as Solitaire, in the Bond Movie, Live and Let Die (1973). For her other thespian activities, she has received an Emmy, two Golden Globes, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Oh, and she is also an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

Last year, jewelers—the Russian conglomerate, World of Diamonds—decided to honor Ms. Seymour with a 2.08-carat vivid fancy blue diamond ring, set in 18-karat rose-gold-plated platinum. It is estimated to be worth $2 million.

Well, you can know have it for a deal. Almost …

World of Diamonds is now offering a dining experience that culminates in taking ownership of the Jane Seymour ring.

The 8-hour extravaganza includes a 45-minute helicopter flight over beautiful Singapore, a chauffeured Rolls-Royce drive, and a private luxury cruise. You are then taken to the Cé La Vi on the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel (“The Pleasure of Pursuit Begins Here”), where a 10,000-rose setting awaits your pleasure and your pursuit. You and your partner will sit on custom-made designer furniture. Gazing blithely at the 360-degree view of the Asian city, you will consume an 18-course dinner at sunset, your palate set titillating with New Zealand Langoustine, Fresh Belon Oyster with champagne foam, Almas Caviar, Lamb Sweetbread, Air-Flown Alaska Wild Salmon, Slow Cooked Pigeon, and Apple-Wood Grilled Mishima Sirloin, all consumed with diamond-studded chopsticks with your name engraved on it. That’s not to forget the accompanying 44- and 55-year-old vintage wines, 1988 Salon ‘S’ champagne, 2008 Domaine Leflaive Chevalier-Montrachet Grand Cru, and other renowned champagnes and bruts. A live band will be playing, of course.

At midnight, you will be presented with The Ring, with an extravagant fireworks set off for the occasion. You will have the privilege of enjoying this shindig as you sip on Louis XIII de Rémy Martin cognac (several thousand dollars’ worth of the spirit).

All this for just … $2 million. Yup, a deal. You get the ring (worth at least that much), with the rest of the stuff thrown in for free! And it’s for two people—you and your partner. Only a million dollars per meal, and you get to own half of The Jane Seymour!

Declared Karan Tilani, Director, World of Diamonds Group:

This is the most expensive dining experience in the world, and the most lavish one possible. As a diamond mining group, we recognize that Cé La Vi is a diamond in the sky. [We expect] the response will be beyond overwhelming, but it’s only two diners who will eventually have the privilege. If you consider all of this, then the dinner is a bargain indeed.”

A bargain! What a meal!

The Bible has a few things to say about food and drink, too:

Do not be with heavy drinkers of wine,
Or with gluttonous eaters of meat;
For the heavy drinker and the glutton will come to poverty,
And drowsiness will clothe one with rags.
 Proverbs 23:20–21

Excess is always inadvisable.

Have you found honey? Eat only what you need,
That you not have it in excess and vomit it.
Proverbs 25:16

Instead, when we have more than what we need, we are to give it away:

He who is generous will be blessed,
For he gives some of his food to the poor.
Proverbs 22:9

After all, there is more to life and peace than food and drink.

Better is a dry morsel and quietness with it
Than a house full of feasting with strife.
Proverbs 17:1

Eat, drink, and be merry … in moderation.

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