Ephesians: A Theological Commentary for Preachers by Abraham Kuruvilla

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Ephesians: A Theological Commentary for Preachers engages hermeneutics for preaching, employing theological exegesis that enables the preacher to utilize all the units of the Letter to craft effective sermons.

This commentary unpacks the crucial link between Scripture and application: the theology of each preaching text, i.e., what the author is doing with what he is saying. Ephesians is divided into twelve preaching units and the theological focus of each is delineated. The overall theological trajectory or theme of the book deals with God’s consummation of all things in the cosmos in Christ, and the role of the church in this grand and glorious divine operation. This theme is progressively developed in Ephesians, in each of the twelve passages. The specific theological thrust of each unit is captured in this commentary, making possible a sequential homiletical movement through each pericope of Ephesians.

While the primary goal of the commentary is to take the preacher from text to theology, it also provides two sermon outlines for each of the twelve preaching units of Ephesians. The unique approach of this work results in a theology-for-preaching commentary that promises to be useful for anyone teaching through Ephesians with an emphasis on application.

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The wise expositor who carefully consults this volume may be tempted to skip other commentaries altogether since it does such a commendable job of distilling the valuable thoughts! Like all temptations, that one should be resisted, but preachers could and should use this commentary as a sort of insurance policy against missing something important that scholars have noted. Preachers and homileticians alike should be grateful to Kuruvilla for this careful and scholarly yet accessible contribution, and pray that God gives him health and strength to continue this masterful series.”

Greg R. Scharf
Chair of the Pastoral Theology Department
Professor of Homiletics
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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