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The Bloomberg Annual Sushinomics Index. Yes, there is such a thing!

It is a cost-of-living gauge measuring not the price of items you’d normally think of, but of … sushi prices!

And guess what? Sushi prices are rising. Pescatarian gourmands in Charlotte and Houston, whose populations have grown over 10% in the last five years, are experiencing sushi sticker shock when they ogle their spicy-tuna and California rolls. Sushi inflation was over 6% in each of those provinces.

And Bloomberg thinks this Sushi Index is a good way to measure changes in the demographics, spending power, and wealth flow of cities.

(If you were wondering, New York City has retained its ranking as America’s most-expensive sushi hunting ground, paralleling its high living costs.)

Yup, the economy is developing a fishy smell.

[The picture, BTW, ain’t fish. It’s Hida beef. And a quail egg. Eaten raw, of course. Which I did, on a recent jaunt to Japan, in the city of Takayama. I wouldn’t do that again—eat the pictured food, that is.]

Talking of fish …

On either side of Mark’s account of the universe’s most defining moment, the crucifixion of Jesus, are some interesting events. On one side is a fish-related story; on the other a thief-related one (stay tuned for that next week).

Look at the first: Simon the Cyrenian.

And they pressed into service one passing by to take up His cross—Simon
the Cyrenian ….

And it was the third hour, and they crucified Him.
Mark 15:21, 25

Simon? Oh, yes, Simon Peter. It must be Simon Peter, standing ready beside his Master to help him with the cross. Of course, Simon Peter, disciple numero uno. Who else? Simon Peter, the rock.

Oh … wait a minute, it’s not Simon Peter. It’s Simon the Cyrenian. Who was just “passing by.”

“Passing by.” Hmm … That verb occurred early on in Mark, when Jesus, “passing by,” called His fishing disciples.

And passing by the Sea of Galilee, He [Jesus] saw Simon
and Andrew, the brother of Simon,
casting a net in the sea; for they were fishermen.
Mark 1:16

Do you see it? “Simon” here in 15:21, “Simon” there in 1:16. “Passing by” here, “passing by” there.

And going on a little further, He saw
James the son of Zebedee and John his brother ….
Mark 1:19

Father with two sons there in 1:19. And here?

… Simon the Cyrenian, …
the father of Alexander and Rufus.
Mark 15:21

Simon … Simon. Passing by … passing by. Father with 2 sons … father with 2 sons.

Mark is painting Simon the Cyrenian here as a pseudo-disciple, a stand in for the real Simon. Where was the real guy? The one called to be with Jesus.

Oh, and catch this:

“If anyone wishes to follow behind Me, let him deny himself and
take up his cross ….”
Mark 8:34

Did you notice that? “Take up his cross.” That’s what disciples do, right? And here in 15:21 …

And they pressed into service a certain passerby to
take up His cross
Simon the Cyrenian.
Mark 15:21

Same words: “take up his cross.’

Says Mark:

Hey, reader, I want you to remember those disciples Jesus called. They were the ones who were supposed to have been with Jesus taking up the cross. I want you to notice, that none of those guys are around when their Lord is crucified.”

They’re gone. They’ve fled. They absconded. A chapter ago.

And leaving Him, they all fled.
Mark 14:50

Disciple, where will you and I be? With Jesus, willing to suffer? Or fleeing?



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