Mark: A Theological Commentary for Preachers by Abraham Kuruvilla

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Mark: A Theological Commentary for Preachers engages hermeneutics for preaching, employing theological exegesis that enables the preacher to utilize all the narrative units of Mark to craft effective sermons.

This commentary unpacks the crucial link between Scripture and application: the theology of each preaching text. The Gospel of Mark is therefore divided into twenty-five narrative units, with the theological focus of each clearly delineated. The specificity of these theological ideas for their respective texts makes possible a sequential homiletical movement through each pericope of the book, progressively developing the theological trajectory of Mark’s theme of discipleship, and enabling the expositor to discover valid application for sermons.

While the primary goal of the commentary is to take the preacher from text to theology, it also aids in the advance from theology to sermon by providing tips for preaching and two possible sermon outlines for each of the twenty-five units of the Gospel. The unique approach of this work results in a theology-for-preaching commentary that promises to be useful for anyone teaching through Mark’s Gospel with an emphasis on application.


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Get a taste of the commentary with this sample chapter on Mark 3:7–35. Download free chapter

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Dr. Abraham Kuruvilla’s commentary is up to date, relevant, in touch with recent literature, suggestive, and well written. This preacher’s commentary on Mark introduces the pastor to the key issues of the gospel and points the preacher in a solid direction in terms of application emerging from the text. One of the keys is the excellent selection of materials made to get into the meat of the passage, which means pastors can utilize their limited time well in getting familiar with the gospel and where they might go with it. This work is well done and should serve pastors well.”

Darrell L. Bock
Research Professor of New Testament Studies
Dallas Theological Seminary

Abraham Kuruvilla has produced a book that theologians, pastors, and laypersons will all appreciate at one and the same time, for he has laid out the Gospel of Mark in twenty-five narrative units simultaneously developing two possible sermon outlines on each of the twenty-five units along with the central theological focus of each unit. More than that, he has also developed a homiletical teaching tool as he progresses through the Gospel stressing the core idea of discipleship while emphasizing the work of the expositor in ending up with discovering valid applications and contemporary responses for living the content of each teaching unit in this Gospel. This emphasis on application of the text continues to be desperately needed in today’s pulpits, as the need for truly expository preaching still exists; one that uses the text of Scripture as the exclusive basis for powerful preaching of the word of God in our day.”

Walter C. Kaiser Jr.
President Emeritus
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Stunning. Truly, outstanding work. I read (or try to read) a new commentary on Mark every year, and [Abe’s] is head and shoulders above the vast majority—easily within the top three of all I’ve read.”

Reg Grant
Director of Media and Communication Program
Professor of Pastoral Ministries
Dallas Theological Seminary

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