Sole Passion!

June 22nd, 2015| Topic: aBeLOG, Interviews | 0

Sole Passion!

I was recently interviewed about singleness and celibacy in Dallas Theological Seminary’s quarterly magazine, Kindred Spirit. For the interview see here.

(BTW, the entire issue is focused on “Singles and the Church,” and may be accessed here. Feel free to read, pass on, or otherwise disseminate.)

Also, in conjunction with that issue, another interview of me with my colleague and friend, Dr. Darrell Bock, was posted on Dallas Seminary’s Table Podcast. Darrell is Executive Director of Cultural Engagement and Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies (and a fellow Aberdonian, I might add!).

The Table is a weekly podcast from the Howard G. Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement [at Dallas Seminary]. These podcasts treat key topics related to God, religion, Christianity, and Culture.”

In that podcast, Singleness and the Role of Community, Kari Stainback, DTS grad and Director of Women’s Ministries at Park Cities Presbyterian Church, here in Dallas, was also interviewed along with me.

These productions (one interview, split into two halves) can be found here. Each one runs about thirty minutes.

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