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February 15th, 2020| Topic: RaMbLeS | 0


A corpse was brought in by a couple of women to a branch office of Old Mutual Insurance Company, somewhere in in KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa. The body in question was that of Sifiso Justice Mhlongo.

The late and bereaved Mr. Mhlongo had funeral plan insurance, but Old Mutual refused to pay out without proof of death.

So Ntombenhle Mhlongo and Thandaza Mtshali took the body of their uncle, the aforementioned Mr. Mhlongo, to the insurance company’s office.

Ms. Mhlongo…   Read more →


February 8th, 2020| Topic: RaMbLeS | 0


A West Bloomfield, Michigan, dude, Sean Samitt, 26 claimed to have been the victim of an anti-Semitic stabbing outside his local synagogue, police revealed the other day.

Samitt reported that he was attacked and stabbed in the abdomen by an unknown man in the parking lot at the Temple Kol Ami, where he worked as a cantorial soloist (and music director). He told police that he was confronted about 7:00 p.m. as he was leaving work by a white male in his late 30s to early…   Read more →


February 1st, 2020| Topic: RaMbLeS | 0


The other day, drivers on Highway 99 south of Elk Grove in Northern California got a shock.

They saw a young girl in a vehicle holding up a handmade sign that read:

Help me, she’s not my mom!! Help!!”

The concerned motorists called 911.

California Highway Patrol dispatched officers and a K9 unit that performed a “high-risk stop” on the vehicle near 8 Mile Road in Stockton, a release from CHP stated.

Then they found out that it was all just a hoax, concocted by the girl…   Read more →

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Genesis 46:1–47:31

February 4th, 2020| Topic: aBeLOG, Genesis | 0

Genesis 46:1–47:31

Agents of divine blessing, obediently trusting God for blessing in their own lives, extend God’s blessing to others.

Divine promises—of presence, of return, of greatness of nation, and to be unafraid (46:2–4)—all encourage the patriarch Jacob in his decision to leave Canaan. What is interesting in God’s word of exhortation is that he promises to make Jacob “a great nation there,” in Egypt, in a foreign land (46:3). That would also remind Jacob that this move…   Read more →

Kill the Big Idea?

November 21st, 2019| Topic: aBeLOG | 24

Kill the Big Idea?

For those interested in a different—and somewhat provocative!—approach to preaching, check out my ARTICLE in a recent issue of the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society:
 “Time to Kill the Big Idea? A Fresh Look at Preaching”
(JETS 61.4 [2018]: 825–46)


See Steven D. Mathewson’s RESPONSE to my article in the Journal of the Evangelical Homiletics Society:
“Let the Big Idea Live! A Response to Abraham Kuruvilla”
(JEHS 19.1 [2019]: 33–41)

And here…   Read more →

Ecclesiological Singleness

November 5th, 2019| Topic: aBeLOG, Uncategorized | 0

Ecclesiological Singleness

A quick to note to alert you of an essay I’ve written: “Ecclesiological Singleness.”

That title is my take on celibacy. More about it in the article.

Check it out here …

Comments welcome!

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