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November 9th, 2019| Topic: RaMbLeS | 2


RAND Europe, a not-for-profit research organization, published some interesting findings the other day. By means of literature review and statistical modeling, they concluded:

If every employee walked or jogged for an extra 15 minutes each day, the world could see an economic boost of $100 billion, in close to twenty years.”

We already know that regular physical activity has a host of health benefits: decreased risk for high blood pressure and heart disease; mental health…   Read more →


November 2nd, 2019| Topic: RaMbLeS | 0


From the title of this post, you would suspect it’s all going to be something about dying. You would be right. And so, you might not read the rest of it, say researchers.

Declared researchers, from Bar Ilan University (Israel) and Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (France), in “Prediction-based Neural Mechanisms for Shielding the Self from Existential Threat,” published recently in NeuroImage.

…   Read more →


October 26th, 2019| Topic: RaMbLeS | 0


All kinds of things are automated in society, so why not judges and juries, asked a journalist recently in Raconteur.

Technology doesn’t hold grudges nor does it lack the information to make a decision. It can help dissect the facts in a more efficient, objective and informed fashion, and save time when determining a judgment or even sentence if the judge’s role was to be augmented. In fact, a legal robot could be crammed with a far broader range of facts and figures…   Read more →

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Ecclesiological Singleness

November 5th, 2019| Topic: aBeLOG, Uncategorized | 0

Ecclesiological Singleness

A quick to note to alert you of an essay I’ve written: “Ecclesiological Singleness.”

That title is my take on celibacy. More about it in the article.

Check it out here …

Comments welcome!

New Book: A Manual for Preaching!

October 1st, 2019| Topic: aBeLOG | 6

New Book: <em>A Manual for Preaching</em>!

Folks, my latest opus on preaching is out: A Manual for Preaching: The Journey from Text to Sermon (Baker, 2019).

This is intended to be a companion volume to A Vision for Preaching: Understanding the Heart of Pastoral Ministry (Baker, 2015). The latter was a big-picture view of preaching; the former, current work, explains the nitty-gritty of crafting a sermon.

And since my “vision for preaching” is fairly broad, you don’t have to be a senior pastor somewhere,…   Read more →

Genesis 44:1–45:28

September 3rd, 2019| Topic: aBeLOG, Genesis | 0

Genesis 44:1–45:28

Self-sacrificial solidarity with the suffering, recognizing God’s overriding sovereignty, promotes divine blessing.

This section describes the remainder of the events on that fateful second trip to Egypt made by Joseph and his brothers. Benjamin had been brought along. Joseph, still incognito to his brothers, invites them to a grand feast and everything appears to be fine and dandy, at least till they get ready to return to Canaan.

Then comes the test that will reveal…   Read more →

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